Missing Your Friends Now That You Have Kids? 3 Tips For The Perfect Movie Night

If you and your friends used to get together all the time, but now you all have kids, you need to plan a movie night. A movie night will allow you to hang out with your friends while the kids are all occupied in the other room – they'll be the ones watching the movie. Not sure how to keep kids occupied long enough for you and your friends to enjoy some adult conversation and fun? Here are three ideas to get you started.

Choose the Perfect Movie

If you're going to plan a movie night for the kids, and you want it to hold their attention, choose the movie carefully. The perfect movie will be one that the kids have already seen, and is no more than two-hours long. You want it to be a movie they've already seen so that you know whether they'll sit through it. You don't want it to be longer than two-hours because your kids will get bored and start looking for you.

Plan the Menu

When it comes to entertaining your kids during a movie, you want to plan the right menu. Of course, you're going to need popcorn for the movie. Don't settle for ordinary popcorn though. Keep the kids happy by choosing gourmet popcorn kernels in a variety of flavors. That way the kids will find their favorites. Next on the menu, make sure you add some items that will go along with the movie. For instance, if you've chosen a movie about an absent-minded fish, provide individual snack bags filled with goldfish crackers.

Create a Comfortable Setting

The kids will want to be comfortable during the movie. Keep that in mind while planning the seating arrangements. One way to accommodate their comfort is to fill the floor with plenty of pillows. The kids can lounge on the floor while they watch the movie. If you and your friends want to pull an all-nighter, set up a few small kids play tents in the living room and have parents bring sleeping bags for their kids. Your kids can watch movies until they fall asleep, so the adults can have the rest of the evening to themselves.

It can be tough to get together with friends once you all start having kids. Don't give up on those fun times. Instead, involve the kids in some of your activities. The simple suggestions provided here will help you plan a movie night for the kids so you can have a night in with your own friends.