Making Sure You Stay Hydrated On Warm Summer Days

If you have difficulty drinking water regularly, you may have noticed you have problems with constipation, headaches, and overall lethargy. Water is necessary for good health, making it necessary to try to get several glasses into your body each day. During the summertime, you will sweat more due to increased temperatures. This requires you to try a bit harder at getting water into your body. There are a few tricks you can try to help increase the amount of water you drink on a daily basis. Try incorporating some of these tips into your daily schedule to help keep you hydrated during the summer months.

Try Adding Some Flavor To Your Water

If the taste of water is the reason why you are not drinking as much as you should, you can try to enhance it with natural flavors. Pick up a package of flavoring to add to a water bottle. Simply shake or stir the crystals or liquid into your water and enjoy the taste! These come in pre-measured servings, making it easy to add them to a bottle of water. Adding fresh fruit to your water can also make it taste a bit more tolerable. Cut up strawberries, lemons, limes, or oranges and place a few wedges of one or more of these inside a glass of water. Place it in your refrigerator for a few hours so the flavor will disperse throughout the liquid. If you would rather try a vegetable, consider giving cucumber slices a try. You could also check out companies like Monin to see what they have to offer.

Make It A Habit To Carry A Thermos

Keep a thermos at your job and in your vehicle. When you see the thermos, fill it with water and take a big sip! Keeping your water within view will increase the likelihood of you keeping yourself hydrated. A thermos will also keep your water chilled, making it more refreshing for you to drink as a result.

Place Water On Your Bedside Table

When you start your routine for going to bed for the night, place a bottle or glass of water on your bedside table. When you awake, the water will be there ready to greet you. Make sure to drink some before you get up for the morning. This addition to your routine will allow you to get a portion of your water at a time when you are not busy doing activities that may cause you to forget to take a drink.