Unique Spreads And Jams Your New Restaurant Can Offer Customers For Their Morning Toast

If you are opening a new restaurant and are looking to purchase unique spreads for your customers to use on their breakfast toast and waffles, then you will be pleased to learn that you have many different options available. While it is always advisable that you offer standard spreads such as strawberry and grape for those customers who do not have an adventurous spirit, offering unique spreads and jams will make your restaurant stand out from others in your local area.

Listed below are a few alternative spread options for you to consider offering to your customers: 

Guava Spread

Guavas are a fruit species that grows in tropical areas of the world. Guava fruit is naturally a bright pink color and this color makes a nice looking spread. Guavas have a sweet and exotic flavor appreciated by anyone who likes the food selections in tropical areas.

Boysenberry Jam

If your customers like blackberries and raspberries, then they will love a jam made from boysenberries. Boysenberries are a similar berry to blackberries but the fruit is larger and sweeter in flavor. The purple color of boysenberries also makes a nice pretty jam. If you do not like seeds in the spread you offer customers, you can opt for a boysenberry jelly.

Black Currant Jelly

Black currants are a fruit that grows on woody plants requiring damp and fertile soil. Popular in Europe and Asia where this fruit species grows wild, black currant jelly has a nice sweet flavor. The flavor of a black currant is similar to a raspberry and the fruit is very high in vitamin C. Despite their name, blac currants are not actually black in color. The black currant fruit is actually a pinkish purple color and produces a jelly with a light purple color

Orange Habanero Marmalade

Many of your customers will appreciate your offering them a spread that has a spicy kick to it. One way to offer a spicy jelly is to go with something like an orange habanero marmalade. The habanero peppers in this spread nicely complement the sweet flavor of the oranges. 

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Spread

Finally, for your customers who would prefer a chocolate spread for their morning toast and waffles over a fruit-based option, you can offer them dulce de leche chocolate spread. This type of spread is popular in Mexico and other Central American countries and has a flavor similar to milk chocolate bars.

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