3 Easy And Healthy Recipes Using Juice Puree

Juice puree is an incredibly versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen. There are many different recipes that you can make with juice puree and many of these recipes are both healthy and easy to make. Below is a list of three recipes that all center around juice puree. So, if you're looking for some great ways to incorporate fruit and juice puree into your diet.

A Vegan Ice Cream Substitute

One of the best ways to use juice puree is to make healthy vegan faux ice cream. The idea behind this is simple. First, you will use the juice puree to give the faux ice cream sweetness and flavor. That makes it much healthier than using high fructose corn syrup or even sugar. Then you will mix this fruit puree with something such as coconut milk or almond milk or even rice milk. These dairy alternatives provide a great texture for the faux ice cream. There are recipes online that show you how to make a vegan ice cream using an ice cream maker and also how to make the ice cream if you do not have a dedicated ice cream maker.

Juice Puree and Protein Shakes

Another great way to use juice puree is to add it to protein powder and make delicious, fruit-flavored protein shakes. The main thing to remember if you are planning on doing this is that you should always choose a flavor-free protein powder. You don't want to mix flavored protein with a juice puree unless you happen to be using the same flavor protein powder as the juice. So, it would be easiest to simply buy a plain flavored whey protein and then mix the fruit puree into it. This is a much easier way of flavoring protein shakes since the puree doesn't need to be blended up like whole fruit would necessitate.

Bake Healthy Muffins

Another way you can use fruit puree is to bake muffins and mix the fruit puree into the batter. This is a great way to make healthy muffins and add healthy vitamins and fiber from fruit. So, you might want to flavor the muffins with something such as banana puree or raspberry puree. It's more convenient than having to go out and buy fresh fruit because the puree can last in your freezer for a long time and you can defrost it as soon as you want to bake.  

For more ideas, reach out to a juice puree supplier.