Ways To Use Custom Snack Seasonings

If you're looking for a way to give your favorite snacks even more flavor, consider purchasing a variety of different seasonings to sprinkle on them. You can buy the flavor enhancers from a snack seasoning supplier for convenience, or you can purchase them in bulk to give as presents as well.

You can use powdered seasonings to create customized snack flavors for you and your family. They will also make delicious additions on a party buffet table, as guests of all ages can enhance their appetizers and snacks as they please. 

Add snack seasoning to gift baskets filled with popcorn, pretzels, and other sweet and salty treats, or hand them out as party favors at showers, receptions, and other celebrations. You may even be able to have the labels customized with the event details, such as names and dates. 

If you're on a low-sodium diet, you can look for reduced salt or salt-free snack seasoning options. You'll still have plenty of healthy flavor to spare. As another benefit, snack seasonings typically add little or no fat to your treats. 

Here are some ways to customize your snacks using seasoning blends:

1. Popcorn 

While plain or buttered popcorn is tasty on its own, seasonings can make it even more mouthwatering. Sprinkle on a savory blend, such as white cheddar, ranch, or parmesan, to satisfy a salty craving. If you have a sweet tooth, go for a cinnamon sugar or chocolate flavor. 

Simply place popcorn in a bowl, add the desired amount of seasoning, and toss to evenly coat. If you're using packaged popcorn, just add the powder to the bag and shake. 

Snacks seasonings make a fun addition to slumber parties and movie nights, as kids can get creative with the flavors. 

2. Pretzels 

Much in the same way as popcorn, you can use the seasoning blends to liven up plain, salted pretzels. You may need to lightly coat the pretzel twists, sticks, or rods in butter or a cooking spray prior to sprinkling on the seasonings to make them stick.

Get adventurous with spicy Cajun or jalapeno pepper blends, or stick to the sweet side with brown sugar-based flavors. 

3. Bagels and Toast 

If you're looking for a way to give your morning a fresh start, start sprinkling seasonings onto your basic bagel and cream cheese and toast and butter breakfasts. You won't need much to add a big flavor kick.

You can also add the seasonings to omelets, fried eggs, or hashbrowns.