What Food To Serve At A Bar Or Bat Mitzvah

Catering a big event in someone's life can be stressful. You want the event to go off without a hitch and the guests to have a fantastic time. Of course, food is important at any party, but it is a key feature at a bar or bat mitzvah. Here's what you need to keep in mind.


Not every Jewish person chooses to keep kosher. If your guests request a kosher event, however, make sure you understand exactly what that means. Kosher, or Jewish dietary law, restricts not only what food can be served but how those foods can be prepared. Some Jewish families even keep a second kosher kitchen in their homes in order to keep kosher and non-kosher foods completely separate.


Bar or bat mitzvahs are a coming-of-age celebration. While their religion may now view them as an adult, most guests of honor still want plenty of kid-friendly foods. Favorite teen foods, like pizza and French fries, are always sure to be a hit.

Traditional Foods

Serving an array of traditional Jewish food is also a popular choice, including:

  • Challah. This sweet egg-based bread is traditionally served on Jewish holidays. It is often braided, flavored with spices, fruit, or chocolate, and used in desserts served at bar and bat mitzvahs.
  • Gefilte fish. This groundfish is often served as an appetizer with horseradish or beetroot relish. While it is often viewed as something too disgusting to eat, gefilte fish can be quite delicious when prepared properly.
  • Matzo ball soup. While everyone's grandmother makes the best matzo ball soup, serving your version of this traditional Jewish soup made from matzo balls (dumplings made from matzo meal) and chicken broth at a bar or bat mitzvah wouldn't be out of the question.

Adult Fare

While bar and bat mitzvahs are events for teens, they are often family affairs, with many adults attending as well. As such, you need to make sure there are plenty of food options for adults. Options can range from a sushi bar to upscale food stations.


If you have ever been to a bar or bat mitzvah, you know that these events can be heavily themed with multiple activities. A buffet-style meal is often the best option, as it allows guests to serve themselves and move around freely to enjoy everything the evening has to offer.

No matter what you decide to serve at a bar or bat mitzvah, make sure there is something for everyone. With such a wide range of food options available, you can cater to any dietary restriction or taste preference.