Unique Coffee Subscription Options To Look Into

Typically, when you sign up for a coffee subscription service, the assumption is that you're going to receive a different type of coffee in the mail each month. With many coffee subscription services, this is exactly what happens. However, coffee subscription companies have started to diversify and become more creative. If you really want to dive deep into the world of coffee, here are some alternative, specialized types of coffee subscriptions to look out for.

Cold Brew Subscriptions

If you love cold brew coffee, then you may want to keep your eyes out for a cold brew subscription service. You could receive a different bottle of cold brew concentrate each month. This is a good way to experiment with different brands and types of cold brew to discover which ones you like best. It's also a good option for busy people, as it takes just seconds to dilute cold brew concentrate — it's much faster than grinding and brewing whole bean coffee.

Coffee Pod Subscriptions

If you have a pod-style coffee maker, then it might be a lot of work to grind coffee and put it into pods. This makes an ordinary coffee subscription a nuisance. But thankfully, some coffee subscription services are beginning to offer pod-style coffee options. You might get a package of assorted pods every month, or you might get a small box that contains multiple of the same pods. This can be a good way to experiment with new pods before buying them in bulk, or just a fun way to keep your coffee routine fresh.

Coffee Stir-in Subscriptions

Perhaps you already have a few favorite coffees, and you're not too interested in trying any new ones. But you do want to change your coffee routine up a little. Some coffee subscription services have begun offering monthly deliveries of various coffee stir-ins and additives. You might get a special type of raw sugar one month, a creamer the next month, and some honey the month after that. Some boxes even come with multiple different stir-in options every month so you can make your coffee unique day after day.

Coffee subscription services are becoming more diverse. If you want a bag of whole-bean coffee delivered every month, that is definitely still an option, but now, you also have all sorts of other options to choose from. Look into various coffee companies, such as Peak City Coffee, to see what they have to offer.