Missing Your Friends Now That You Have Kids? 3 Tips For The Perfect Movie Night

If you and your friends used to get together all the time, but now you all have kids, you need to plan a movie night. A movie night will allow you to hang out with your friends while the kids are all occupied in the other room – they'll be the ones watching the movie. Not sure how to keep kids occupied long enough for you and your friends to enjoy some adult conversation and fun?

3 Ways To Incorporate Pastrami Into Your Meals

Pastrami is an extremely popular type of cured meat originating from Turkey. Pastrami is popular amongst Americans because it is flavorful, yet low in calories and fat, with only 41 calories in a 1-ounce serving. You can easily make pastrami at home with an easy-to-follow recipe. If not, there are many artisan stores that will ship you these delicious treats. Instead of eating pastrami as-is, you can incorporate this delicious ingredient into your lunch in the following 3 ways.